My Lil' Mini Transformation

If you follow me on Instagram, @itsjojomaisie, you may have seen my recent "lil' mini transformation" picture prior to my Miami vacay! I was looking for a fun 2 month challenge and wanted to test out a diet and workout plan to hopefully present to you later! I recognize this isn't the biggest transformation, I probably didn't even lose any weight (I didn't weigh myself before or after). BUT what is not pictured here is my increased energy, improved mood and overall spike in motivation in all aspects of my life #gettingshitdone. Many of you were asking what specific changes I made so here they are!


I've always ate well but what really changed was that I was a lot more focused on controlling my behavior. I was consistent with intermittent fasting (a prolonged period of time without eating). I've coached many of my clients through intermittent fasting to increase fat loss, muscle growth, regulate metabolism and improve digestion. I fasted for 15 hours, approximately 5 times per week, between the hours of 9pm and 12pm. This technique worked really well for me, especially in terms of improving digestion so I will definitely be continuing! Intermittent fasting is not right for everyone so do your research, talk to your nutritionist and find out if it's for you! The second change I made was beginning carb cycling. Carb cycling is where you strategically increase carbohydrates on certain days. Pretty awesome right... because who doesn't love carbs!? On days that I would workout, I ate high carbs and low fat. This works to replenish the energy in your muscle after your workout. On days I didn't workout, I ate high fat and low carbs. This was very successful for me because I never felt like I was depriving my body, or had cravings for sugars or starches.

Sample Day of Eating

Non Workout Days

Lunch: Salad with avocado and baked salmon

Snack: Cashews or almonds

Dinner: Salad with eggs and avocado

Snack: protein shake with almond milk and peanut butter

Workout Days

Breakfast: egg whites and red pepper & a banana

Snack: apple

Lunch: salad with tuna

Snack: berries

Dinner: shrimp, rice and asparagus

Snack: oatmeal with brown suga ;)

Fit lifestyle tip: don't focus on what you can't eat, instead focus on what you need more of. This will help to change your mentally of "Oh I wish I could have some ice cream" to "I need more protein today I should make a delicious shake"


Prior to this plan, I would workout about 2-3 times a week. As you know I am a Pilates and barre instructor, so I am very active, but that doesn't necessarily count as my own workouts. Over the past 2 months I amp'd up my workouts to 4-5 times a week, and it felt f*cking fantastic! 1 barre, 1 yoga, 2 pilates and 1 of my own "i have no time, lets workout in my living room, workouts." My at home workouts were always glute and core focused, because well #bootygoals. I'll film some for you soon.

Fit lifestyle tip: Pre - schedule your workouts! The only reason I got up at 6am to workout was because I was already registered for class! Whether you are going to a class or working out a home, plan your workout times in advance so you are more likely to execute them.


I am sure you have heard the saying "consistency is key"... well its a saying for a reason! I stuck to my plan about 90% of the time. The other 10% I was enjoying wine with friends or skipping a workout because I was exhausted #balance. When you start a new fitness or nutrition regimen it is important to be patient and stick with it. Don't get discouraged if you aren't seeing results right away. Focus on the day to day of getting in your workouts and eating to fuel your body and the results will follow!

Fit lifestyle tip: Find a partner in crime, a BFF, or a trainer so you have a support system! It is not always easy getting up early to workout, motivating yourself to do the meal prep or turning down a second glass of wine, so having someone in your corner will keep you consistent!

Overall, I really enjoyed the past 2 months of hard work before Miami! BUT I also enjoyed drinking wine, eating ice cream and "living my best life" while in Miami! It is important to recognize that while doing a diet and workout plans can be effective, you need to understand how to live a regular, balanced lifestyle & not feel bad about indulging on vacation! Find the balance between working out to feel amazing, fueling your body with proper nutrition and still enjoying life!

P.S Want to know more or need some help? Holla at me <3