4 Tips To Getting Motivated This Spring

So as you all know it was daylight savings and if you are like me you woke up feeling less then rested. So here are my 4 favorite ways to get motivated to workout, eat well and feel fantastic AF this spring

#1 Workout with friends

This is one of the best ways to get into fitness and enjoy yourself at the same time! Grab a friend and go for a run, try a #TrainTogetherTuesday video (see my older insta posts) or book a class together. Insider tip: Barreworks is having March BFF month. That means if your friend has never been to a class you can bring them for free!

#2 Pre schedule your workouts

So that cancellation policy at your local studio may suck sometimes but for the most part it works in your favor. Pre-schedule your workouts and you'll be less likely to flake out last minute in fear of losing money.

#3 Splurge on a new cookbook

Get re-inspired in the kitchen. Grab a new cookbook that will get you excited to go home and make your own meal! I love Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredient cookbook. It is simple, easy and has recipes for vegetarians.

#4 Get a trainer

If you have some fantastic goals but don't really know how to get there then consider getting a trainer. There is nothing wrong with getting an experts help in order to reach your wellness potential. You'll maximize results and minimize time spent thinking and planning. Best of both worlds!