Say goodbye to yo-yo diets, cleanses, and fad weight loss plans. Jojo's simple and easy custom program will have you learning how to fuel your body and build lean muscle while losing inches. Together, we can build you your best body and mind yet!

"This program will change your life"

  • build the body you've always dreamed of 

  • become confident in a bikini

  • learn to love your body 

  • increase strength and muscle tone

  • increase energy levels & mood

  • improve sleep & digestion

  • fat loss

  • learn how to create balance in your life

  • learn what food your body needs and when

  • become in control of your health and fitness once and for all! 

whats included?
  • initial consultation and fitness/ nutrition assessment 

  • access to the exclusive On The Go w/ JOJO app for workouts in the gym, at home or travel 

  • weekly check ins and on-going accountability 

  • 24 hr text access to Jojo for questions, support and coaching​

  • lifestyle tips, tricks and hacks

  • custom recipes and snack ideas 

  • custom macro calculation

  • 7 day sample meal plan

  • unlimited changes to your plan

  • options to continue with maintenance programs after the completion of 12 weeks.​

"I lost 25 lbs and 4 inches in 3 months"

Kylie, Dance Teacher

"I was shocked at the progress. I kept waiting for the plan to stop working and for me to get stuck in a rut. But that never happened for me, I just kept getting stronger, kept fitting better in my clothing and kept seeing the number on the scale go down. That’s what kept me motivated this whole time. And now that the program is done... I’m in a routine of eating health and working out."

Markie, Account Executive

"I signed up at first because I wanted to lose weight for my wedding. I actually ended up gaining a ton of confidence! I found so much confidence in being in control of my diet and in turn I saw some incredible results!"

Nicole, Designer

"I’ve learned to not only learn to feed myself in a healthy, sustainable way and learn to love working out, I’ve also grown so much self esteem and confidence in my body and mind. This is a lifestyle that I know I can stick to and maintain because I have the confidence and motivation to keep going!"

Ali, Pharmacy Tech

"I used to work out as more of a punishment. My mindset has definitely changed. I am not afraid of food at all anymore. Joanna definitely knows what she is doing.  It is going to change your life. "

Don't let fear get in your way. What are you waiting for?

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